Act When Your Dog Has Signs Of Ill Health

Ill health in your dog is one of the most telltale signs that something is wrong with them. For example, your dog may be suffering from nasal congestion if they have a continuous discharge. If the discharge is thick, then it’s possible your dog has pneumonia.

If your dog vomits once in a while, then you might not need to be overly concerned. However, if he keeps vomiting frequently, this isn’t a good sign. In fact, you should look deeper into the issue.

Inspect your dog’s skin if he is itching often. If there are ticks or lice on the skin, then take steps to remove them. You can inspect the skin by separating the dog’s hair.

Passing stool 1-2 times isn’t something to be too concerned about. However, if passing loose stool becomes common, then look into it more. It’s possible your dog is suffering from some sort of bowel disorder. If the dog doesn’t pass stool for days on end, then this is also something you need to look into.

Be patient and observe your dog’s walking because if your dog isn’t walking normal, then this may be an issue. For example, if the dog is limping, lesions may be on his foot. If the dog is an older dog and is not walking as much as he should be, then look into this. Also, keep an eye out for things such as repeating vomiting and keep an eye on how often your dog is eating.

If your dog’s eyes are white, then he may have a disease that affects the eyes. He may also be anemic if his eyes become paler. Also, your dog may need to be looked at if he starts biting his owners or other people because this may be a sign he has rabies.

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