Basic Home Dental Care For Dogs

Because an increasing number of cats and dogs are experiencing dental problems, dental care for pets has become more and more important. If you suspect that your pet has a serious dental problem of the teeth or gums, you should always consult your vet as quickly as possible, although it is also possible to carry out basic dental care at home.

It’s important for dogs to develop strong and healthy teeth, and one of the best ways you can achieve this is to give your dog a piece of bone to play on. Make sure there are no sharp points.

Dogs that have teeth closely crowned in their oral cavity, mostly smaller breeds like the Pekingese, are more likely to develop tooth disease because the teeth are close together. If you own a smaller breed of dog, it is recommended that you regularly check your dog for plaque.

An excellent way to prevent plaque from building up and to keep your dog’s teeth free from bacteria and disease is to give him a raw beef bone to chew on. It is possible to brush your dog’s teeth regularly – much as you would brush your own – although you will need to use a vet recommended toothbrush and toothpaste specially designed for pets, and be very careful when brushing.

You can help to get rid of a lot of the plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth by using some of the specially manufactured materials available in your local pet store. One of the most effective methods of looking after your pet’s teeth is to use some of the dry dog foods and special toys, designed to keep teeth clean.

Periodontal disease in dogs can be avoided by identifying and removing plaque from your dog’s teeth as thoroughly as possible. You can use special dental wipes to remove tartar and plaque, although it is important to remember that you may need to take your dog to the vets if the problem becomes too much for you to handle yourself.

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