Beat Dog Food Boredom With Variety

Dog behavior is sometimes a reflection of dissatisfaction with certain events of their day. They get bored easily just like most people. Variety breaks up the monotony of everyday life and gives your dog a more optimistic outlook about the coming day. They need different type of play, different surroundings (taking a walk to different places solves that), and different foods to eat. That way their life is not just re-living the day they had yesterday.

Bored dogs can show various behavior patterns. Some will bark constantly and some will dig or chew things up. It helps to buy them a new toy now and then to keep them from being stuck with only one choice for playing. Try to keep several different types of play-toys in their box so they can have options. They may not feel like playing with a rubber bone but they could totally be in the mood for chasing a simulated duck. People love having options and so do dogs.

Keep a variety of treats for them to eat as well. Buster cubes are great for dogs to play with and get a reward of the treat they want in the end. It doesn’t take them long to figure out how to get the treat they want from their Buster cube. It also gives them a break from the old routine of simply dumping something into their food dish.

Anything you can do to break up the everyday routine for your dog is healthy and life-saving. People who live the same day everyday usually wind up depressed and unhealthy. Dogs can do the same. Add some excitement to your pet’s life and they’ll be healthier and happier.

Remember, dogs that chew chairs and other household items usually have an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Try mixing things up for your dog and you’ll probably see things calming down as far as destructive behaviors. Boredom kills but excitement gives life.

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