Caring For The Wellness Of Your Dog

Dogs require different diets at each stage of their development. At the puppy stage, milk alone is usually the required food, whereas on becoming adult, beef, chicken, and boiled eggs can be a welcome addition to the milk diet. The perfect diet for dogs of all ages, though, can be found in wellness dog food, as the product line contains 14 ingredients with the nutrient profiles necessary for proper growth and adult maintenance.

These ingredients include chicken and whitefish, since they are made up of about 80 percent water; chicken meal, which has almost 300 percent more protein than chicken; brown rice, known to be gluten-free; oatmeal, rich in vitamins; peas, a carbohydrate and natural fiber source; and barley, another fiber supplier. Others are: tomato pomace, salmon meal, fish meal, chicken fat, chicory root, flaxseed, and chelated minerals.

These ingredients are easily digestible for both puppies and adult dogs. Especially as it is not recommended that you feed your dog a diet over-rich in protein, as this could overwork the animal’s renal structure, and lead to kidney damage.

Since older dogs require less food, due to their restricted movements and subsequently less energy consumption, wellness dog food is ideal for them. It is, too, the perfect diet to feed pregnant dogs, as it provides a type of balanced nutrition, supplemented with the vitamins and minerals needed during that period.

The line of foods is low carb, grain-free, and high in protein. There is, as well, a special reduced-fat formula for dogs that need to shed a few pounds. The product is packed with a range of vitamins, minerals, fruits, and vegetables, which despite being in small quantities will ensure your dog is getting a decent, well-balanced diet.

Dog owners consider it the most appropriate food for regular dogs, especially if they are very active.

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