Currently Used Pet Identification Methods

We’re living in a time where pet identification has become a requirement primarily because of the need for the licensing of the dog properly and to deal with the number of stray dog threat within the streets. Pet identification is done through the means of various methods, which are quite distinct from each other. The cost factor that comes with that also varies sharply.

The identification of your pet may be done through the use of personalized tags, sometimes by the use of municipal license tag, rabies tag, and so forth. Many times, the personalized tags of the dogs will have your name along with your phone number being placed on it. It’s done that way in order for a missing dog to become capable of being reported to the concerned officials in case anybody has accidentally stumbled upon that dog.

Plastic and metal pet identification tags are also widely used. They are available in several colors and the dog owner has the option to choose the color they want. But many owners tend to choose the reflective type of dog tags and the collars. Therefore, this allows the dog to be identified in darkness to a greater degree.

These days, due to technological advancement, many electronic gadgets are currently available like microchips that are embedded into the dog. Nevertheless, these types of electronic chips are implanted behind the ears. Once this chip is implanted, this will feed the information embedded into the chip to the computer upon being scanned. A dog that has a collar or tag gives a clear indication that it’s not some type of stray animal which in turn gives more security to the dog.

Traditional for of identification of the animal like tattooing has become obsolete these days. Therefore, detecting the missed animal will become much easier for the pet owners primarily due to the fact identification-based dog collars.

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