Keeping Your Dog Flea Free

Many dog owners are understandably worried about fleas, and these tiny pests can cause an allergic reaction in your pet, as well as being annoying to dogs and humans. Dogs generally scratch the affected area, which can often lead to infection and make the problem worse.

In addition to the extreme discomfort and allergic reaction that flea bites can cause, a bad flea infestation can also lead to severe dermatitis in dogs. One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that your dog doesn’t suffer from a flea problem is to buy a medicated collar, which can protect against fleas, ticks and other parasites. Once the collar is on, you simply leave it in place until it’s time to replace it.

The health of your dog can also be adversely affected by lice, as well as internal parasites which aren’t always easy to see, such as round worms, hook worms and whip worms. Dogs can develop anemia if they have hook worms, and the extent of the anemia is affected by the severity of the hook worm infestation.

There are some tell tale signs that your dog may have hook worm. The animal’s stools may be loose, tinged with red and mixed with blood, while your dog may develop lesions and rashes on the skin.

It is perhaps easier to determine if your dog has been affected by round worm, as one of the signs of this internal parasite is a rounded belly or potbelly. One way to treat an infestation of round worm is to give your dog piperazine salts, which are taken by mouth, although you can also treat the problem with pyrantel pamoate, fenbendazole, and other anthelmintics.

Fleas can be a real problem for any dog or cat owner, although there is no reason for your pet or you to suffer, due to the large number of medications, collars and other options available designed to prevent or kill fleas. Many dog owners have discovered ivermectin, a medical agent which is effective in treating fleas and which is administered to your dog by mouth, or by means of an injection.

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