Some Thoughts On Caring For That Puppy

Dog owners and dog lovers have to be aware of the fact that milk needs to be fed five to seven times every day to that little puppy between the age of one to six weeks old. You will often hear some sound coming from the pup when they are looking to be fed and the food is for them.

However, when the pup reaches the six to eight week period of age, the feeding frequency can be reduced. Typically, the pup will begin consuming some solid food somewhere around the four week mark. The best thing to do at that point is to mix water into the food and in the beginning, feed the pup this mixture once or twice daily. If you notice any diarrhea happening, put a hold on the feeding!

The fact of the matter is that you have to exercise some caution in the feeding of your pup. Once they reach the age of eight weeks or so, you will still probably change the feeding frequency two or three more times. Things will vary with different breeds, but if the dog appears to be very hungry, feed them!

Be cautious however, not to feed this age of dogs too many times. The puppy will be teething in the 3 to 6 month period of age. This is why you want to hold feedings to twice daily but make certain the dog gets what they need to avoid any deficiencies.

When you get to the 6 month to one year age level, try to get commercially traded puppy foods for the dog. After a year of age you can start introducing adult food gradually. Be aware though that as the dog ages and becomes an elder, their movements become much more reduced for many different reasons and you should restrict the frequency of their feedings. If the animal is pregnant though, they can in fact be fed an additional time if they are seeking to eat, but be careful of the overall quantity of the food and make the effort necessary to monitor it.

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