The Proper Way To Feed The Dog

Proper feeding tends to be a highly contentious matter. Owners will have their own opinion based on experiences. The best way to get a clear understanding is to refer to scientific facts regarding this matter. This is the only safe and proven method when it comes to feeding dogs.

According to experts, puppies should stay with their mothers at least until they reach 8 weeks. This can become a problem if the pups are orphaned and cannot depend on their mother’s milk. It is recommended that they be given 5% of their body weight per day for good health. Note that this is only a preferred average and that it will still depend on various factors such as the size of the puppy.

It is generally fine to keep feeding puppies until their abdomen looks a bit rounded. They should not be fed full to the brim but just enough to keep them satisfied. Failing to stop may cause more harm than good. They could get a stomach ache or diarrhea because their bodies are unable to process the amount.

Both owners and puppies will have troubles if this keeps on happening. Adult dogs can do fine with a few meals per day of large sizes because their digestive system can handle it. Puppies, on the other hand, do better with smaller quantities given at higher frequencies. As they grow older, the amount of food may increase while the frequency can decrease.

A raw diet will provide dogs with a good amount of nutrients. Just be careful to limit intake. This should fall between 2% to 4% of their body weight. Makes notes about their feeding patterns as well as the visible effects. If they look thin, then add more. If they look fat, then cut back.

Old dogs tend to eat less than they did when they were younger. They do not require as much calories because they move less. The percentage of protein should drop for aging dogs as well.


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